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In 2021, the Women 100 series of free programs and events is focused on shaping a future in which leadership is shared equally by women and men.

All are welcome to participate in the public programs. Join our email list (below) for program updates and related information.

Women 100 is presented by Vision 2020, the national, nonpartisan gender equity coalition headquartered at Drexel University.

Take a Video Tour of the Women’s Equality Exhibition

Now you can visit Seat at the Table virtually! Watch the video to learn about the progress of American women toward economic, political and social equality with men — 100 years after women won the right to vote. Plan to visit the interactive exhibition when it reopens in 2021.


Download the Educator’s Guide and access the virtual tour for use with students.



Vision 2020 National Congress

June 15-16, 2021 hybrid virtual event open to the public

Setting a Bold New Agenda for Gender Equity

Prominent thought leaders and members of the Vision 2020 coalition from across the county will take part in a two-day conference to develop strategies for achieving women’s economic, social and political equality. The featured speaker is MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host, Mika Brzezinski. For the first time, the program will be open to the public via webcast. Also a first: the Congress will meet virtually, Hosts will be livestreamed from the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. The coalition’s work will culminate in a bold new agenda to complete the unfinished business of women’s equality. 

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Seat at the Table Exhibition

Reopens September 7, 2021; continues through March 31, 2022

Learn About Women’s Right to Vote and Equality 100 Years Later

The exhibition chronicles what it took for women to win voting rights and how gender inequality persists.

TAKE A VIDEO TOUR of the exhibition led by college students.

VIEW MULTIMEDIA CONTENT on 18 pioneeering women.

TEACHERS: Use the video tour in class with our free educator’s guide.



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Spring Breakthru

Event took place March 18-19, 2021

College Students Become Trained Advocates for Positive Change

College students nationwide are invited to gather virtually for two days of panels, group discussions, short films and workshops through which they will learn how to become effective advocates for positive social change. Along the way, they will delve into issues of intersectional feminism, civic engagement and social justice.

How To Build a Movement

Event took place March 18, 2021

Three Highly Effective Activists Share their Experiences and Advice

Register for this virtual panel discussion to gain a wealth of insight that will help you do more intentional work in fostering change and promoting social justice. Panel members will share their personal and professional journeys to activism. The moderator is Teresa C. Younger, President & CEO of Ms. Foundation for Women.

The Mask You Live In

Event took place February 25, 2021

Panel of Leaders in Gender Equality Address Attitudes about Masculinity

If you care about boys, have a boy or were a boy, you will benefit from watching this illuminating discussion. Panel members help us understand why boys and men may feel trapped in “the man box,” and suffer from the parent and peer pressures placed on them to stay in the box.


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Women’s Leadership Forums

Event took place November 4, 2020

Panel Discussions about Women as Leaders Past, Present, and Future

View recordings of the Forums held the day after the 2020 national election. Prominent women from a variety of fields participated in three panel discussions about the past, present and future of women’s leadership.


SHE Leads Road Rally

Event took place October 16-17, 2020

Road Trip from America’s Birthplace to the Birthplace of Women’s Rights

View a video commemorating this event, in which 44 women and men rallied to drive change in a motorcade led by women race car drivers. The historic round-trip went from Philadelphia to Seneca Falls, NY, site of the first Women’s Rights Convention.


Toast To Tenacity™

Event took place August 26, 2020

Vision 2020’s Annual Celebration of Women’s Equality Day

The webcast of Toast to Tenacity 2020 reached more than 3,000 people nationwide for the 100th anniversary of the day women won the right to vote through adoption of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The webcast included inspiring speakers, music and a nationwide toast to the suffragists.